Toronto Immigration Guidance: Where to Start

Canada sees a huge influx of immigrants every year. The reason behind this huge influx is because of numerous benefits such as better living conditions, better economy, improved growth opportunities, and so on. However, the process of immigrating to Canada is not as easy as you may think. Any error in the immigration or visa application can lead to the cancellation of the application. So before you plan your move to Canada, check this guide to hiring an immigration lawyer in Toronto and how they can advise and guide immigrants regarding which immigration process is suitable for the applicant.

immigration lawyer in toronto

Start a Consultation with Immigration Consultant

When immigrating to Canada, taking the help of immigration consultant can prove to be very helpful. Immigration consultants are members of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory (ICCRC) and are expert in the field of immigration. The consultants have to remain updated about the latest immigration laws. Thus, they can easily provide best legal advice to the clients so that their visa and immigration application becomes successful.

Immigration consultants while providing immigration guidance know how the Canadian visa process works. Thus, the consultants can guide their clients in filling the application correctly. The consultants have the required legal training and can easily deal with any complex procedures that may arise during the immigration process.

When an individual is immigrating to another country, he/she needs to follow certain laws. Or else, they might not get the visa or deported. An immigration attorney may not know about the latest provisions. This is when the guidance of immigration consultant can prove helpful.

Visa & Permit Issues

Immigration consultants have a proper idea about visa and permit issues. So when you plan to bring your spouse or children to Canada, visa permit will vary. Similarly, when an entrepreneur is deciding to start their business in Canada, they need to apply for a different visa. Thus, the immigration consultant can guide clients in filling the right application.

Applicationshiring an immigration lawyer

The consultants also guide the clients by going through the applications carefully. They ensure that all information provided by the client is true. They will also check out that all documents are provided with the application. In fact, sometimes they can also translate the documents on behalf of clients. Also, they can fill out immigration applications on behalf of clients.


An important role which falls within Toronto immigration lawyer is to provide clients with options in order to come up with a right immigration process. In fact, they can help clients in reaching a credible solution which might not be known by the client.

Hearing and Appeals

The consultants can also guide immigrants regarding hearings and appeals. For example, if any application gets rejected on unlawful grounds, the consultant can help clients by representing them in Federal or Tribunal Court.

Immigration consultants can also guide applicants on whether they would be allowed entry to Canada or would be considered inadmissible. In fact, through immigration lawyer in Toronto they can easily tell if a client fills the labor market needs. Thus, helping immigrants to navigate smoothly to Canada.