Employment Lawyers Toronto Can Guide You for Wrongful Termination

 It is for your interest that you should immediately get in touch with any skilled employment lawyers Toronto as soon as you receive a notice of job termination from your employer.employment lawyers

Getting fired from a job can be very devastating experience for any person. Moreover, when one is unfairly fired it can be very depressing. Although an employer has the full power to dismiss any employee from their job with or without prior notice, but if the termination is done on wrongful grounds it can be easily challenged in court.


Termination With or Without Any Reason

Sometimes an employer may terminate their staff for not being able to keep up their work productivity. Or, sometimes a person may be simply discriminated because of their health condition and might be asked to leave. Studies have even showed that illegal reason for termination being often highlighted such as:

  • Whistle blowing
  • Retaliation
  • Discrimination because of race, gender, or religion

Do you feel that you have been wrongly terminated from your job?  You have been terminated and that too your employer not showing you a just cause or provided you a notice, you should immediately get in touch with leading employment lawyers Toronto. The attorney can guide you on the matter on wrongful termination and ensure that your employers get maximum punishment.

Wrongful Dismissal

Basically, wrongful dismissal is a broad term for termination. According to the law, a dismissal can be wrongful when an employer discontinues the services of an employee ‘without cause’. In fact, the employer may not even provide a decent termination package.  Wrongful termination can also occur when an employer take actions that violate the rights of the employee which falls under Human Rights Code. in fact, anything that don’t falls with the employment laws of Canada is considered to be ‘wrongful termination.

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Taking the Help of Employment Attorneys

If you feel that you have been wrongfully terminated, you should immediately consult employment lawyers Toronto. The employment attorney being highly experienced in the field of employment law can easily guide their clients through the process of wrongful termination. 

After all, when you will be having an exert lawyer by your side, right steps can be taken. Moreover, the lawyer will ensure that your rights remain protected and you receive the best possible judgment.

  • Documentation: The employment lawyers Toronto can advice their clients to document everything about their dismissal. The lawyer can create a time line of the events that lead to wrongful dismissal. It can be used in court.
  • Review Employee Document: Also, the attorney will try to go through the employment document and ensure correctness has been maintained. It is important to check if the termination is made as per the law.
  • Review Employee Handbook: Employment lawyers Toronto will also try to review the handbook that tells the rights of the employees. It can include the clauses of termination. This point can be used for fighting a lawsuit and claiming compensation.

When the attorney has sufficient proof in front of him, he/she can easily fight for the client. The attorney will try to provide their best effort in order to win a case.