DUI Lawyers Can Help You Deal with 2nd and 3rd Time Offences

Have you been arrested and charged for a DUI offence? Drinking and driving or drinking under the influence is considered as a serious offence. Hence, whenever one gets arrested for DUI, it is important to take the help of DUI lawyers. Often, when some people charged with a DUI offense might feel tempted to take up the task on their own hands. But DUI being a complex issue, it would be better to take the help of an experienced lawyer.

DUI attorneys having vast years of experience can help clients to navigate through the complex process of DUI. Studies have shown that first time offenders are not provided so harsh punishments. However, the case is completely different for repeated offenders. Often, repeated offenders of DUI are subjected to severe jail term and huge amount of fine. In order to avoid jail term of huge fine it is better to take the help of DUI lawyers.

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No More a Stressful Thing When Charged With DUI

It is a known fact that conviction for a second or third DUI offense can be very stressful. Basically, if an arrested person has been convicted for driving under the influence of drugs or any harmful substance within the last few years, then their next arrest will be considered as a 2nd or 3rd offence. However, if an arrested person has more than 3 convictions then their next arrest will be also considered as 3rd offence.

A second or a third DUI offence can lead to serious effect. One needs to be mentally prepared for the penalties that one is going to face. It has been seen that apart from severe penalties, a 2nd or 3rd time offence can lead to loss of driving license. However, DUI lawyers can help out people from losing any kind of driving privileges for a year or two. Hence, now when one is having a DUI lawyer by their side, they can easily remain stress free for certain period of time.

Lawyers Can Help To Understand 2ND and 3rd Time OffenseDUI lawyer toronto

Conviction for a 2nd offense is considered to be very minimal. It is often considered to be a Class A misdemeanor. However, in certain situations it can be considered as a felony. Similarly, a 3rd DUI offense is litigated as Class 2 felony. Regardless of the type of offense, DUI offence can lead to

  • Mandatory imprisonment for 5 / 10 days along with 240/480 hours of community service.
  • 1 year or 3-7 years in prison.
  • Fines can go u to $2500 to $25000.

DUI lawyers are qualified professionals and can provide personal attention to every detail in a case. Basically, if the lawyers feel that the process of testing or anything that lead to arrest is questionable, the lawyer can take appropriate stand against it. They can appear in court on client’s behalf and can take appropriate steps for fighting the case.

DUI lawyers can offer the best way to protect the rights of their clients. Apart from that, they will also ensure that the client receives best outcome for their case. They will do their best to ensure that their client receives minimal punishment as possible.