Toronto Immigration Guidance: Where to Start

Canada sees a huge influx of immigrants every year. The reason behind this huge influx is because of numerous benefits such as better living conditions, better economy, improved growth opportunities, and so on. However, the process of immigrating to Canada is not as easy as you may think. Any error in the immigration or visa application can lead to the cancellation of the application. So before you plan your move to Canada, check this guide to hiring an immigration lawyer in Toronto and how they can advise and guide immigrants regarding which immigration process is suitable for the applicant.

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Start a Consultation with Immigration Consultant

When immigrating to Canada, taking the help of immigration consultant can prove to be very helpful. Immigration consultants are members of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory (ICCRC) and are expert in the field of immigration. The consultants have to remain updated about the latest immigration laws. Thus, they can easily provide best legal advice to the clients so that their visa and immigration application becomes successful.

Immigration consultants while providing immigration guidance know how the Canadian visa process works. Thus, the consultants can guide their clients in filling the application correctly. The consultants have the required legal training and can easily deal with any complex procedures that may arise during the immigration process.

When an individual is immigrating to another country, he/she needs to follow certain laws. Or else, they might not get the visa or deported. An immigration attorney may not know about the latest provisions. This is when the guidance of immigration consultant can prove helpful.

Visa & Permit Issues

Immigration consultants have a proper idea about visa and permit issues. So when you plan to bring your spouse or children to Canada, visa permit will vary. Similarly, when an entrepreneur is deciding to start their business in Canada, they need to apply for a different visa. Thus, the immigration consultant can guide clients in filling the right application.

Applicationshiring an immigration lawyer

The consultants also guide the clients by going through the applications carefully. They ensure that all information provided by the client is true. They will also check out that all documents are provided with the application. In fact, sometimes they can also translate the documents on behalf of clients. Also, they can fill out immigration applications on behalf of clients.


An important role which falls within Toronto immigration lawyer is to provide clients with options in order to come up with a right immigration process. In fact, they can help clients in reaching a credible solution which might not be known by the client.

Hearing and Appeals

The consultants can also guide immigrants regarding hearings and appeals. For example, if any application gets rejected on unlawful grounds, the consultant can help clients by representing them in Federal or Tribunal Court.

Immigration consultants can also guide applicants on whether they would be allowed entry to Canada or would be considered inadmissible. In fact, through immigration lawyer in Toronto they can easily tell if a client fills the labor market needs. Thus, helping immigrants to navigate smoothly to Canada.

Employment Lawyers Toronto Can Guide You for Wrongful Termination

 It is for your interest that you should immediately get in touch with any skilled employment lawyers Toronto as soon as you receive a notice of job termination from your employer.employment lawyers

Getting fired from a job can be very devastating experience for any person. Moreover, when one is unfairly fired it can be very depressing. Although an employer has the full power to dismiss any employee from their job with or without prior notice, but if the termination is done on wrongful grounds it can be easily challenged in court.


Termination With or Without Any Reason

Sometimes an employer may terminate their staff for not being able to keep up their work productivity. Or, sometimes a person may be simply discriminated because of their health condition and might be asked to leave. Studies have even showed that illegal reason for termination being often highlighted such as:

  • Whistle blowing
  • Retaliation
  • Discrimination because of race, gender, or religion

Do you feel that you have been wrongly terminated from your job?  You have been terminated and that too your employer not showing you a just cause or provided you a notice, you should immediately get in touch with leading employment lawyers Toronto. The attorney can guide you on the matter on wrongful termination and ensure that your employers get maximum punishment.

Wrongful Dismissal

Basically, wrongful dismissal is a broad term for termination. According to the law, a dismissal can be wrongful when an employer discontinues the services of an employee ‘without cause’. In fact, the employer may not even provide a decent termination package.  Wrongful termination can also occur when an employer take actions that violate the rights of the employee which falls under Human Rights Code. in fact, anything that don’t falls with the employment laws of Canada is considered to be ‘wrongful termination.

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Taking the Help of Employment Attorneys

If you feel that you have been wrongfully terminated, you should immediately consult employment lawyers Toronto. The employment attorney being highly experienced in the field of employment law can easily guide their clients through the process of wrongful termination. 

After all, when you will be having an exert lawyer by your side, right steps can be taken. Moreover, the lawyer will ensure that your rights remain protected and you receive the best possible judgment.

  • Documentation: The employment lawyers Toronto can advice their clients to document everything about their dismissal. The lawyer can create a time line of the events that lead to wrongful dismissal. It can be used in court.
  • Review Employee Document: Also, the attorney will try to go through the employment document and ensure correctness has been maintained. It is important to check if the termination is made as per the law.
  • Review Employee Handbook: Employment lawyers Toronto will also try to review the handbook that tells the rights of the employees. It can include the clauses of termination. This point can be used for fighting a lawsuit and claiming compensation.

When the attorney has sufficient proof in front of him, he/she can easily fight for the client. The attorney will try to provide their best effort in order to win a case.

DUI Lawyers Can Help You Deal with 2nd and 3rd Time Offences

Have you been arrested and charged for a DUI offence? Drinking and driving or drinking under the influence is considered as a serious offence. Hence, whenever one gets arrested for DUI, it is important to take the help of DUI lawyers. Often, when some people charged with a DUI offense might feel tempted to take up the task on their own hands. But DUI being a complex issue, it would be better to take the help of an experienced lawyer.

DUI attorneys having vast years of experience can help clients to navigate through the complex process of DUI. Studies have shown that first time offenders are not provided so harsh punishments. However, the case is completely different for repeated offenders. Often, repeated offenders of DUI are subjected to severe jail term and huge amount of fine. In order to avoid jail term of huge fine it is better to take the help of DUI lawyers.

DUI lawyers

No More a Stressful Thing When Charged With DUI

It is a known fact that conviction for a second or third DUI offense can be very stressful. Basically, if an arrested person has been convicted for driving under the influence of drugs or any harmful substance within the last few years, then their next arrest will be considered as a 2nd or 3rd offence. However, if an arrested person has more than 3 convictions then their next arrest will be also considered as 3rd offence.

A second or a third DUI offence can lead to serious effect. One needs to be mentally prepared for the penalties that one is going to face. It has been seen that apart from severe penalties, a 2nd or 3rd time offence can lead to loss of driving license. However, DUI lawyers can help out people from losing any kind of driving privileges for a year or two. Hence, now when one is having a DUI lawyer by their side, they can easily remain stress free for certain period of time.

Lawyers Can Help To Understand 2ND and 3rd Time OffenseDUI lawyer toronto

Conviction for a 2nd offense is considered to be very minimal. It is often considered to be a Class A misdemeanor. However, in certain situations it can be considered as a felony. Similarly, a 3rd DUI offense is litigated as Class 2 felony. Regardless of the type of offense, DUI offence can lead to

  • Mandatory imprisonment for 5 / 10 days along with 240/480 hours of community service.
  • 1 year or 3-7 years in prison.
  • Fines can go u to $2500 to $25000.

DUI lawyers are qualified professionals and can provide personal attention to every detail in a case. Basically, if the lawyers feel that the process of testing or anything that lead to arrest is questionable, the lawyer can take appropriate stand against it. They can appear in court on client’s behalf and can take appropriate steps for fighting the case.

DUI lawyers can offer the best way to protect the rights of their clients. Apart from that, they will also ensure that the client receives best outcome for their case. They will do their best to ensure that their client receives minimal punishment as possible.

Filing for Personal Injury Claim in Hamilton

If you get injured in an accident and you were not at fault, you can definitely ask for compensation from the person at fault. Mostly, the party at fault tries to settle the case outside court, but they might not provide the injured person with the right amount of compensation. Hence, it is always advisable to take the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury lawyers are obligated to helping injured people with personal injury claim Hamilton services. So if you or any of your family members got injured in an accident in Hamilton, you can go for legal help. The personal injury lawyers can help clients in claiming their compensation and help them to recover from any damages. In order to help clients, they can also help in filing a lawsuit if they think it to be necessary.

You might know that personal injury law is a bit complicated, but if you have a personal injury lawyer by your side, the process of claiming your due compensation becomes easy. The attorneys will help clients to determine whether their case is fit for filing personal injury claims. This blog, you will get to know how a personal injury lawyer can help clients in filing their personal injury claims.

personal injury claim Hamilton

Making Your Claim

One of the first steps that a personal injury lawyers take is to send a claim letter to the party at fault i.e. person or company responsible for the accident. In order to support the claim, expert opinion can be provided. The party at fault will need to reply to the letter by accepting or denying their responsibility for the injury.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Each state has its own requirements for filing an insurance claim. Same goes for the insurance companies. Hence, it is important for a person to know how an insurance company is going to handle the claims. A personal injury claim Hamilton will see to it that the insurance companies don’t cheat their clients.

An insurance company may ask the injured party to provide enough documents in order to support the claim. It might include medical bills or the time you missed your work. All these documents can help to make insurance claims.

Gather Evidence

Personal injury lawyers will work with the clients in gathering physical evidence of the injuries. For example, they will try to gather photos from the accident site, provide records of the doctors, information from witnesses, and so on. The evidence can help personal injury lawyers to build a strong case.

Protecting Your Rights

While claiming for personal injury claim Hamilton, personal injury lawyers will ensure that your rights are protected.

Negotiate Settlements

Your personal injury lawyers can help clients to settle the case out of court. They will ensure that you are fairly compensated for the losses. In fact, they can even negotiate with insurance companies so that they give you a good amount of money as compensation.

When a personal injury claim Hamilton is looked after by a reputed personal injury lawyer, they can help clients to file a lawsuit and ask for fair compensation. They will help clients to get their life back on tracks. Still unsure; read this interesting law insight on the different kind of lawyers.

Toronto Immigration Lawyer Can Find Alternative Way for Express Entry

Anybody who has been through the process of immigration will tell you this is not hand endeavor that you will be able to handle all by yourself. There is an extensive range of paper works and it is always better to hire a Toronto immigration lawyer. Moreover, Express Entry is a complicated process that requires the advice of a law expert.

What is Express Entry?

Under the Express Entry Program of Canada, an electronic Express Entry profile is created which has significant and relevant information about the candidate, as well as their spouse. However, you can take the help of an immigration lawyer to achieve the goals through the Express Entry System of Canada.

Applicants that cater to the Citizenship and Immigration criteria are accepted into the pool of candidates. One you are a part of the pool of candidates, you are ranked according to the Comprehensive Ranking System. The ranking is based on the profile data of the candidate. These are used by CIC for determining which candidates are desirable.

The truth about Express Entry is that the candidates aren’t aware of everything that is needed during the process and this turns out to be a barrier for them to get into the country or stay there legally. A good immigration lawyer will help in determining alternative way for the Express Entry. Here are some other benefits of hiring Toronto Immigration lawyer.

Toronto immigration lawyer

Avoids Mistakes

You should know that in case of immigration filing the right paperwork is a crucial part of acquiring visa and becoming a part of United States. The paperwork is generally complicated and extensive and if you do not take the help of experts, you might end up doing mistakes. This might cause the application to be rejected permanently. An experienced attorney will take the correct steps to get the Express Entry without allowing mistakes to spoil the chances.

Seasoned by Experience

One of the primary benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer is that they have the experience to convert immigration dreams into reality. It is valuable to hire someone who has handled this kind of cases previously. They will be able to tell you how you will find success.

Explain the Options

You should know, irrespective of the situation, you have options. Your Toronto immigration lawyer will be able to lay out the options in front of you and ensure that you understand the situation. Your situation is sensitive and it is essential to understand that the options you need to consider for moving forward.

An expert immigration lawyer is good with the procedural maneuvers that are important to get you where you want to be. You might be able to make through the process but there is a good chance that you have something missing in the different applications that ties them up in the complicated regulatory system. It is quite risky to leave your future up for a gamble. The Toronto Immigration lawyer has in-depth knowledge and will impart the wisdom during the complicated process of immigration. Read this for more info on choosing the best immigration lawyer to migrate to Toronto.